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Cheers to my type of people! Toast to the both the mistakes and victories of 2017. New years Resolution anyone? I'll give you some tips to becoming better... and it all starts with some background.
Anything that involves a process doesn't change over night... especially when working or studying year-round. With that being said, a new year's resolution hasn't been a priority.
The perfect segway to my first tip, money matters. Makes sense right, actually the point is that money doesn't matter. Focus shouldn't be how to trade time for money just WORK! The next tip is cleaning up, and remember turn down for what. (Funny how that rhymes lolz) Anyways organize yourself. Moving on.
The last tip is simply Volunteer. The things that make value such as time and money can be donated for a greater good: Because the best things in life are free. Get involved at your local college, church, or community center. They can lead to a opportunity for fulfillment!
Old friends, old money. What's new? Whether you had to budget for the holidays it is always nice to give a gift just because you care. It doesn't have to a special occasion.  How about that: parts to a whole. This is how I am starting mine...that's right with writing a new blog. Thank you for reading!